Pandemic Flu - Are You Prepared?

Pandemic Flu - Are You Prepared?

The recent outbreak of Swine Flu has elevated the need to prepare your employees and business for what could lead to a protracted and serious business interruption event.  Ensuring you have the plans in place and your staff are trained and briefed on what to expect and what to do in the event of a pandemic flu outbreak in the UK will significantly improve your resilience, maintain operations and limit any business interruption.

UK Government Advice
The UK Government recommends that all organisations adopt robust and flexible business continuity management plans, which will minimise the impact of any disruptions.  The onset, impact and severity of any impending Pandemic Flu attack is unpredictable. In the event of an Influenza Pandemic, businesses will have a critical role in reducing the risk to employees’ health and safety and in maintaining essential operations.

How to Prepare?
There are a number of Government web sites that offer daily updates on the Pandemic Flu threat, and advice on what personal health and safety precautions can be taken.  Each organization, public or private, is different with specific mission critical activities relying on unique enablers in the form of people, ICT systems and facilities.  It is vital that you know what enablers support your critical activities.

The Pandemic Influenza Checklist for Businesses link, below, offers a simple guide to ensure you have the basic measures in place to prepare your staff.  Pandemic Flu is a people focused threat and any mission critical activities heavily reliant on your staff will be badly affected.  Now is the time to ensure you have risk mitigation plans in place to minimize the impact of increased staff absence.    

How can 6 Alpha help?
6 Alpha has a team of expert business continuity management (BCM) consultants who work with clients to rapidly develop crisis management and business continuity plans that are compliant to BS25999.  We have developed and implemented BCM plans and trained Gold, Silver and Bronze teams in both public and private sector organizations.  Our skill is in marrying the true threats and risks to your business whilst developing cost effective risk mitigation solutions.  If you wish to discuss how 6 Alpha can help better prepare your business for a Pandemic Flu attack then please contact us on the details below:

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Pandemic Influenza Checklist for Businesses
Cabinet Office checklist to help you prepare your business

The World Health Organization (WHO)’s Swine Flu information site
Cabinet Office – UK Resilience for Pandemic Flu
Centres for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Swine Influenza information site